Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to Work NH8S, Swains Island

In working DX, it is one thing to "think" you made a QSO, but it is something totally different to actually get your callsign recorded CORRECTLY in the DX station's logbook.  Especially when there is a huge pileup on the frequency with people tuning up on the DX's transmit frequency, accidental transmission's on the DX's frequency by some stations failing to turn on the SPLIT function, the "traffic cops" that show up, plus the normal QRM and QRN.  It is not enough that you have a loud enough signal to cut through that mess, you still have to LISTEN to make sure the DX station has your callsign correct.

Those stations who LISTEN more than they TRANSMIT are the ones that successfully end up with their call in the log.  They are also those who have no need to make an "insurance" contact, because they were certain their call was correctly repeated by the DX station.  That is not always possible but it is what we should all strive to do. 

Below is the "Band Plan" for the NH8S, Swains Island, operation.  Below that, are the "Guidelines" for getting into our log.  This information is taken from the NH8S web page HERE.  You should READ the guidelines below and FOLLOW them!  That will help insure that the most people possible make it into our log.

Band    CW TX       SSB TX      RTTY TX
 160M     1826.5                          
M     3503         3790         3580
M    5.405        5.403.5           
M     7003         7082         7035
M    10103                     10148
M    14003        14185        14080
M    18079        18140        18099
M    21003        21285        21080
M    24894        24955        24901
M    28003        28485        28080
M     50107        50107             

We want you in our log, so please help us by following these guidelines.
  1. If you cannot hear us - please don't call us. Wait until propagation and conditions favor your QTH for one or more of the 11 Bands and 3 Modes. Eventually you WILL have a clear path to Swains Island. Be patient.
  2. Unless you hear otherwise from the Operator, we will ALWAYS be operating in SPLIT MODE throughout the DXpedition.
  3. Listen to the Operator for RX frequencies (e.g., "up 5 to 10", or "listening on 7.155", etc.)
  4. You have two ears and one mouth, so please try to listen more, talk less. Be patient.
  5. During SSB pileups, please announce your full call clearly -- ONCE -- using common phonetics.
  6. During ALL pileups, listen for YOUR call on the comeback. Trust that we have two good ears.
  7. We're not impressed by those who add to the QRM by constantly calling out of turn. Be patient.
  8. Please do not Tune Up on any of our TX frequencies or any of our RX slots!
  9. If we ask for "EU" only or "QRP only" or any other specific request, please QRX. Be patient.
  10. Resist those "insurance" QSOs. We want to maximize unique QSOs, not Dupes.
  11. Whenever possible, we will try to listen in the General portion of the band.
Remember: We want you in our log. Please help us get you there.
You will, of course, see us spotted on the PacketClusters.  Some of those spots will attempt to give direction on what NH8S is doing and where we are listening.  Sometimes that is good information but it is MOST important to LISTEN to the NH8S operator and FOLLOW his instructions.  That gives you the very best information on where he is listening and for whom he is listening.

Finally, if you hear Hal or me operating, call all your WVDXA friends and tell them to get on the air so we can personally log all the WVDXA members!

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