Monday, July 3, 2017

Finishing the Tower Base

Yesterday my friend and concrete master, Tim, K8RRT, came by to remove the form from the base around of the EME tower and do some concrete finishing work.  He had no idea what a nightmare he was facing.  Of course, temperatures were in the low 90's and pretty humid and Tim had just finished a few hours working on Charlie, N8RR's, EME tower!

Tim has done this job hundreds of times but this time, the 2x4 frame would not cooperate.  It seems that during the pouring of concrete, some was spilled on one side of the frame, next to the house steps.  When it set up and expanded, that piece of 2x4 was trapped just as if it were in a vise.

The other sides were easily removed but that one 2x4 would not budge an inch.  Tim tried prying it out, chipping it out with a pry bar and hammer, even beating it to death with a 5-foot spud bar.  But, that wood would not move.

I brought out a reciprocating saw and although it did some serious damage to the 2x4, the blade was not long enough to cut completely through the long dimension of the wood.  So, time to bring out the big gun!  My Stihl chainsaw was pressed into service and made short work of removing (and destroying) the 2x4.  (Click on the image at the left for a larger view.)  Tim then mixed up some concrete and smoothed off the surface and edges of the tower base very professionally.

Now I can get my "crack tower crew" (the grandsons) to replace the landscaping rock.  This will please Evelyn that things are getting back to no longer looking as if we are "Under Construction!"

Thanks So Much, Tim!

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