Sunday, November 12, 2017

Re: [WVDXA] WHOPPEE!!! It's STILL Alive!!

No sooner than I finished my first two EME QSO's and took a breather to let my heart rate come back into normal range, than I saw NH6Y in Hawaii calling CQ.  In short order, he was QSO No. 3 in the LOG!  You can see the screenshot of our QSO on the right.  Click on it for a larger image.

02Nov 03:36 Clark, Thanks for the qso, best was at 0327 (-26) Aloha ====== {NH6Y/4X9H/1K Tom HI BL10ts}
02Nov 03:37 033600  3  -29       211  2   73                                ====== {W8TN/2X13H/KW Clark WV EM98al}
02Nov 03:37 NH6Y, Tom. THANK YOU for my 3rd ever Digital EME QSO. UR Best -21. ====== {W8TN/2X13H/KW Clark WV EM98al}
02Nov 03:39 That's great.  I'll send you a card. ====== {NH6Y/4X9H/1K Tom HI BL10ts}
Heck, I was all set to go lay down but who can sleep when the band is open?  One more DXCC country logged.  WHOPPEE!!

When I was working NH6Y, K8DIO running two 17-element yagis copied me at -23 dB off the moon.  I am running just two 13-element yagis so that's pretty good I think!  Small station to small station.

02Nov 03:48 2 yagi to 2 yagi   144.117  111  0 -1 -1  2.4   0  3 -23 033100  NH6Y W8TN EM98 ====== {K8DIO/2X17/K Lloyd OH EN91gh}
Next Ken, W8KEN, in Ohio wanted to run.  This made my Digital EME QSO No. 4.

02Nov 03:47 W8TN Clark, Could we try .112 ??? ====== {W8KEN/2XP22A/1K Ken OH EN91im}
02Nov 03:48 W8KEN, Ken.  RR. You go first? ====== {W8TN/2X13H/KW Clark WV EM98al}
02Nov 03:57 W8KEN, Ken. Sri, I got confused in what to send as I got you on tropo at times. ====== {W8TN/2X13H/KW Clark WV EM98al}
02Nov 03:57 W8KEN, Ken. Finally saw the DT and knew it was EME so changed my message. ====== {W8TN/2X13H/KW Clark WV EM98al}
02Nov 03:58 W8KEN, Ken. You are only my 4th Digital EME QSO so I'm pretty "green." ====== {W8TN/2X13H/KW Clark WV EM98al}
02Nov 03:59 W8TN Clark, Tnx Initial #114, Best -25, I had to separate your EME from Tropo also, GL,73 Ken ====== {W8KEN/2XP22A/1K Ken OH EN91im}
Whuups, then another Ohio station wanted to run and just posted on the Chat page that he was calling me.  This was the guy who already reported copying me when I worked Hawaii.   He became my Digital EME QSO No. 5.
02Nov 03:59 W8TN Clark, calling ====== {K8DIO/2X17/K Lloyd OH EN91gh}
02Nov 04:02 K8DIO, Lloyd.  Listening. ====== {W8TN/2X13H/KW Clark WV EM98al}
02Nov 04:12 K8DIO, Lloyd.  TNX for my No. 5 Digital EME QSO. UR Best -28. ====== {W8TN/2X13H/KW Clark WV EM98al}
02Nov 04:12 W8TN, tnx Clark.  Your best -24  73 and have fun. ;-) ====== {K8DIO/2X17/K Lloyd OH EN91gh}
Then, Paul, W2HRO, who I failed to complete with earlier, showed up for another go at it and he became my Digital EME QSO No. 6.
02Nov 04:23 W8TN Clark - ready for a try? ====== {W2HRO/2X28XP/1K Paul NJ FN20ll}
02Nov 04:25 W2HRO, Paul.  Sure. You call it. ====== {W8TN/2X13H/KW Clark WV EM98al}
02Nov 04:25 .118 - HRO - 1st ====== {W2HRO/2X28XP/1K Paul NJ FN20ll}
02Nov 04:26 W2HRO, Paul.  RR. Running. ====== {W8TN/2X13H/KW Clark WV EM98al}
02Nov 04:26 RRR ====== {W2HRO/2X28XP/1K Paul NJ FN20ll}
02Nov 04:31 W2HRO, Paul.  Well, now wasn't that easy?  UR Best -24.  My 6th digital EME QSO. TNX! ====== {W8TN/2X13H/KW Clark WV EM98al}
02Nov 04:32 W8TN Clark - tnx fer quick qso - welcome back to EME - tnx fer initial - ur b-20 - nice sigs - 73 & GN ====== {W2HRO/2X28XP/1K Paul NJ FN20ll}
02Nov 04:33 Clark - you'll have 100 QSO B4 the end of the year.  Good station and ur a good OP - GL ====== {W2HRO/2X28XP/1K Paul NJ FN20ll}
02Nov 04:36 W2HRO, Paul. TNX for the compliment. It's been a long road to get here but this is FUN! ====== {W8TN/2X13H/KW Clark WV EM98al}

That was a nice compliment from Paul.  Cool!

It's now almost 2:20 a.m. and activity has slowed down a bit.  There are still 44 users signed into the Chat page but there have been no posts for the last 12 minutes.  So, maybe I should lay down for a couple of hours and then see if I can work someone in Asia before sunrise. 

Here is my first night's score (so far [grin]):

No. 1 - PA5Y - Netherlands - 4x8element Horizontal & Vertical
No. 2 - K9MRI - Indiana - 8x28 XP yagis
No. 3 - NH6Y - Hawaii - 4x9element Horizontal
No. 4 - W8KEN - Ohio - 2x22 XP yagis
No. 5 - K8DIO - Ohio - 2x17element
No. 6 - W2HRO - New Jersey - 2x18 XP yagis
No. 7 - W7GJ - Montana - 16x17elements

HEY, I just saw another WV station show up on the Chat Page.  Paul, WB8TFV, from Martinsburg.   I knew him years ago in Parkersburg.  He runs 2x10element H&V antennas and is trying to work NH6Y but can't seem to do it.  I'm copying NH6Y at -23 dB.  Good news.  They changed to a different frequency and made the QSO.  WB8TFV told NH6Y his best copy on the Hawaiian station was -27 dB and mine was -23 so I think my station is doing OK.  But with Paul's ability to switch polarity, he just worked NTØV in ND and I haven't heard a single peep from him all night.

I guess I didn't get my body laid down.  But, W8KEN has already uploaded our QSO to LoTW and it is confirmed.  YIPPEE!

Still, it ain't over.  The moon is down to 16-degrees and I just worked Lance, W7GJ, who was calling CQ.  This was my Digital EME QSO No. 7.
02Nov 08:16 W7GJ, Lance.  TNX for Digital EME QSO No. 7. ====== {W8TN/2X13H/KW Clark WV EM98al}
02Nov 08:17 W8TN TNX Clark - best was -14 dB hr ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
OK, it's 5:30 a.m. and I've still not been to bed.  Oh, well.  I've been watching everyone working DX7EME in the Phillipines but I am not able to copy them yet.  My moon is down to 3° elevation so time is running out.  I ran a schedule with ZL2MQ for about 22 minutes but no joy.  I copied him calling me one time:
071100  0  -28  2.3   30  3 #      W8TN ZL2MQ RF80     O ?   0   1
OK, that's all folks.  It's been a FUN night.   YAWN . . . . .  Wonder if I'll be able to sleep after all this excitement???

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