Wednesday, January 31, 2018

EME QSL's Received

WOW!  Yesterday was a VERY good day at my mailbox.  I received THREE QSL's confirming EME QSO's with New Countries:  F5AQX, V31EME, and HSØZIL.  This brings my 2-M Country Totals to: Worked / Confirmed  :  34 / 29  –  As of 31-January-2018.  I still have QSL's outstanding from Alaska, Asiatic Russia, European Russia, Australia and Romania.

Here are images of two of the QSL's that came in yesterday.  The first is from HSØZIL which was a total surprise for me to work.  I did not think I had a chance to work him and was not even ready to transmit when his CQ was decoded on my screen.  Click HERE to see a Post on my Blog for the details and read the section titled "UPDATE."

The next QSL shown is from my first EME DX'pedition, V31EME.  Click HERE for the DX'pedition web page.  Uwe Danzinger, DG8NCO, traveled from his home in Muenchberg, Germany, to Belize, Central America, with antennas, computer, radio, amps, rotors, etc.  He set up a portable EME station and managed to work 330 stations on 2-M and 70cm EME while he was there.  Prior to his travels to Belize, he shipped his amplifiers and got stuck with paying over $687 in Custom Duties!  His total trip cost over $4,200.  Just to work Moonbounce!  AMAZING!  Thank you, Uwe, for giving me my first EME contact with Belize and my first EME DX'pedition worked!  Below is the front and back of his beautiful QSL.  Click on any image to see it larger.

During the month of February, I have a shot at working FOUR New Countries via EME DX'peditions: CR3EME (Madeira Is.), 3YØZ (Bouvet Is.), PJ2T (Curacao Is.), and TG3MB (Cuba.)  I am READY!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Year-End EME Report

2017 turned out to be a VERY good year for me on EME!  I finished the year (after only 2 months on EME) with better results than I thought I would have after a FULL YEAR on the moon!  AMAZING!

Here are my totals as of 2017-12-31:

Total EME QSO's  -  121  /  Initial Contacts  -  116
DXCC's Worked  -  33  /  Confirmed  -  23
Grids Worked via EME  -  99
States Worked via EME  -  22
These results make all the work I did to get this station operational totally worthwhile.  Below are the countries I have worked so far:
 1. DL1KDA  Federal Republic of Germany
 2. EB5EEO  Spain   
 3. EA6VQ   Balearic Islands
 4. EA8DBM  Canary Islands
 5. ES3RF   Estonia
 6. F5AQX   France
 7. G4CDN   England
 8. GM6JNJ  Scotland
 9. HA6NQ   Hungary
10. HB9Q    Switzerland
11. HSØZIL  Thailand
12. IW4ARD  Italy
13. JHØBBE  Japan
14. K9MRI   USA
15. NH6Y    Hawaii
16. KL7UW   Alaska
17. LY2IJ   Lithuania
18. LZ1KU   Bulgaria
19. OH4LA   Finland
20. OK1UGA  Czech Republic
21. ON4KHG  Belgium
22. PA5Y    Netherlands
23. RX9AT   Asiatic Russia
24. S52LM   Slovenia
25. SM4GGC  Sweden
26. TF3T    Iceland
27. UA3PTW  European Russia   
28. UX5UL   Ukraine
29. V31EME  Belize
30. VK5APN  Australia
31. YL2GD   Latvia
32. YO3DDZ  Romania
33. ZS4TX   Republic of South Africa

I am SOOOO looking forward to what the New Year will bring!