Wednesday, May 26, 2021

More Messi & Paoloni Cable Purchased from Italy

About a year and a half ago I purchased two 25m lengths of M&P ULTRAFLEX 10 for my 2-M XPOL system.  I was really pleased with the product and the speed of service.  This cable was built in Italy by Messi & Paoloni.   They have been producing cables since 1984 and have received very good reviews.

Now that I am about to install my 8-L 6-M InnovAntennas yagi, I found that I need a 46-foot (14m) length of cable for that project.  This cable will connect from the Driven Element, along the boom, down the mast, around the rotor, and connect to the 1-5/8" Heliax feedline.  Times LMR 600 was suggested as the cable to use but since it has to flex whenever the rotor turns, I began to look for another solution.  In looking at the M&P website, I felt that their HYPERFLEX 13/.500" cable would do as good a job or better than the LMR600. 

LMR 600 has a solid center conductor and the M&P cable has 37x0.56mm copper wires.  I felt this was better for a cable that was being flexed as the antenna rotated.  At 50 MHz the M&P has 0.6 dB loss and the LMR 600 has 0.5 dB loss per 100 feet.  That means the extra loss with the M&P cable in my installation would be less than 0.05 dB.  Also, the M&P cable claims to have 100% screening where the LMR 600 says >90%.

Therefore I ordered the 46-foot (14m) length of HYPERFLEX 13/.500" with a soldered N-Male connector installed (for the antenna end) and a 7/16" DIN Male for the end that will connect to the Heliax.  I also ordered a 3-foot piece with N-connectors on each end for an in-shack jumper.  Now here is where it gets amazing!

I paid via M&P's PayPal link at 0230 GMT on 21-May-2021.
The cables were delivered to my door at 1944 GMT on 26-May-2021.
Less than 6 days (including a weekend) from placing the order until receiving the product FROM ITALY!

That time included M&P constructing the cable to my specifications and shipping it to my door.  WOW!

When I unboxed the order, I found the 46m length of cable (with connectors installed) neatly coiled and wrapped in plastic (see photo at upper right - click on any photo to see a larger image.)  Also the 3-foot piece with N-connectors was in its own plastic bag and it included a Test Report where M&P had connected that particular cable to an analyzer and printed out a TEST REPORT for the Return Loss and Impedance of that piece of cable from 100 kHz to 200 MHz (see the image on the left.)  WOOF!  I am totally impressed and MORE than pleased.

I should also mention that the cables are secured with very nice Velcro straps with the M&P logo.  AND, a lens cleaning cloth is also enclosed.  You can see that cloth in the center of the upper right photo with the phrase "The DXers PRO Choice:" on it.  Yep!  You can bet that M&P is MY choice for cables in the future.