Friday, July 11, 2008

Japan on 6-M via E-skip

My last post about a wire antenna for 6-M shows what you can do with very little antenna. But, sometimes you need more. So, I purchased a 4-L yagi from Directive Systems and installed it INSIDE my attic! The very next morning I was able to work TO5E for a New One (No. 102) on 6-M. Yippee!

But, a couple of days later, Tim, KC8UHE, pointed out a spot on 6-M where stations were working Japan. What? You can't do that I said. Too many Es hops. But, apparently it IS possible because on July 8th, both KC8UHE and I actually DID hear a JA station. I copied the full callsign of JE1BMJ on just that 4-L yagi in the attic. I did not have the amp wired into my station then so had no chance to call him but Tim did call and the JA came back but no QSO resulted.

Who wudda thunk it? Japan via E-skip. Un-real.

In fact, the station we heard, JE1BMJ, is pretty much considered to be the guy who discovered this mode of propagation. He has written an article on the subject called Short-path Summer Solstice Propagation (SSSP) and you can download a copy HERE:

The next night I was better prepared and was able to actually record a Japanese station as I heard him on the 4-L ATTIC antenna. HERE is an MP3 file of that. What is being transmitted is "de JHØRNN K" and you might have to listen to the file a couple of times to pull it all out but it is all there.

This is just amazing to me that I am able to hear Japan on 6-M in the summer. AND, using just a 4-L yagi in my attic to boot! This is the first time I have EVER even HEARD Japan on the Magic Band in 44 years of operating on 6-M! Outstanding!

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JE1BMJ is the station I worked.