Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Update Logger32 for the New PJ Countries

Logger32 has come out with a new Country / Prefix database that is updated to include the four new PJ Entities. You can download the new ZIP'd file from HERE. Click on the last file in the list called "Latest Country Files for Logger32 Version 3.28" and save the file. You will need to extract the 15 files from this ZIP archive to your Logger32 directory. There is also a "ReadMe" file that gives specific instructions on how to install the files. If you do not have Logger32 Version 3.28, now is the time to upgrade to it before you install the new Country / Prefix database. If your version is earlier than 3.27 and you don't want to Export then Import your entire log, you can go HERE and download each individual version upgrade and do them one at a time to bring your version current. Make sure you backup your log first! In addition to the two buttons on the Menu Bar called "Zip Databases and Logbook" and "Zip User Files", I also pull down File | Export Logs and choose ADIF. This lets me save the entire logbook as an ADIF file in case something happens to the one I'm working on.

Once you have Logger32 Version 3.28 with the latest Country / Prefix database files installed, you will need to CHANGE any contacts you made with any of the PJ entities. They will be shown as DELETED countries and you need to follow these steps to change those QSO's:

1. Right-Click on the QSO
2. Choose "Edit Country Information"
3. Choose the proper New Entity
4. Click on "Apply"

The first time you do this, you will get the "Change Country" pop-up window shown at the right. Click on the heading "Prefix" to put the Entities in Prefix order and that will make it very easy to change all subsequent QSO's. As you can see in this graphic, I am changing the country for a QSO with PJ2T. It is currently logged as "Netherlands Antilles (deleted 10-Oct-2010 0400Z" as highlighted in yellow. All I need to do is to left-click on the PJ2 listing for Curacao and then click on Apply. Simple.

Also, once you click on Apply, the country name may NOT update on the logbook screen. Simply click on the NEXT QSO you want to change and the last one will immediately be updated.

Don't forget to pull down Tools | Database Maintenance and choose "Recalculate statistics" to bring all the stats in your logbook current. Any subsequent QSO's with any of the new PJ's should show up in the logbook correctly. If you track IOTA you will probably need to change those to the correct IOTA numbers which I think only applies to PJ2 contacts with Curacao which is now IOTA #SA-099.

The result of this is that your Worked and Confirmed totals will have been reduced by two (if you had previously worked both PJ entities) and your totals will increase by up to four depending on how many of the New PJ's you have worked.

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