Friday, September 21, 2007

A New Beginning

So, this is a Blog?

I have long wondered about the usefulness of this piece of technology known as a Blog. I'm sometimes slow to adopt new technologies, preferring to let someone else work out the bugs before I jump into the fray. But, it seems like this "web log" or "blog" idea is beginning to take a firm hold on the Internet. In the last 13 years it has grown to over 106 MILLION blogs so it's about time I started one of my own.

I'll add some content to these ramblings before I make it known that I have such a thing. Then, it will appear to be a little more useful to people when they first see it. Please feel free to leave any comments or to email me about anything you see here.


K4OM said...

I now have an account.
They want longer usernames than I have callsign.
How do I post to your blog?

Anonymous said...

The Canadian Dollar is now at a par with The US Dollar, Ahmadinejad is visiting New York and it looks like Britney is going to lose her kids - it is definitely time for a W8TN Blog. I just hope it isn't too late.