Friday, November 30, 2007

The 160-M Inverted "L" Continues to WORK!

The 160-M Inverted "L" antenna has now been up for almost a week and it continues to PLAY! In the six days since the CQWWDX CW Contest where I added 30 NEW Countries to my 160-M totals, I have worked another ELEVEN (11) NEW Countries! WOOF! My 160-M guru, KØCS tells me I have NOT seen a good band opening yet so this is nothing short of phenomenal to me.

This week I have added the following 11 NEW Countries to my 160-M totals: E51NNN - So. Cook Islands, HKØ/NØAT - San Andres Island, PA3GCV - Netherlands, OH2BO - Finland, URØMC - Ukraine, OZ1CTK - Denmark, RA4LW - European Russia, OE3GCU - Austria, DF2PY - Fed. Rep. of Germany, S59A - Slovenia, and I4EWH - Italy.

Plus the URØMC contact in the Ukraine was Zone 16 and that was a NEW Zone. I now have 61 Countries and 18 Zones worked on 160-M. The new antenna has added FORTY (40) NEW Countries in just one week. OUTSTANDING!

And, this weekend is the ARRL 160-M Contest so there might be even more new ones added then.

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