Sunday, December 2, 2007

160-M Worked All Continents Completed!

By staying up all night on Saturday night, I managed to snag an Asia contact to complete my 160-M W.A.C. in just NINE days on the band. Outstanding!

Just after sunrise here I started hearing RWØCWA rather well. At 15 minutes AFTER my sunrise I managed to complete a QSO with him for my last continent for W.A.C., plus my first contact with Asiatic Russia and Zone 19. WOW!

I added 9A - Croatia, KP4 - Puerto Rico, GM - Scotland and KL7 - Alaska to bring my countries worked to 66 and my Zones worked to 20. Not too bad for a piece of wire, huh?

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K4OM said...

150 easier than 6 meters, I see.

Pete K4OM