Sunday, May 2, 2010

UPDATE to EME Experiment

Two weeks ago when we listened to EME signals from Arecibo, Puerto Rico, I said I had no photos of Hal, W8HC, because he shot most of the pictures. As it turned out, Rick, W8ZT, sent me a couple of photos he had taken and one clearly shows the Halster sitting at the rig! This was the first time either Hal or Rick had heard signals reflected from the moon!

On the day after Rick and Hal were here, I set the equipment back up by myself and had very good copy on KP4AO for quite some time. They ran CW a lot longer that day and I spent quite a bit of time calling them. Unfortunately, no QSO resulted. But, it certainly was great fun. I'm sure they will do this again and maybe I'll have better luck at that time.

On this second day of listening to KP4AO via EME, I shot a little video so everyone could hear the quality of the EME signals on this day. You can view the 2 minute video by clicking on this link to YouTube. This was not the best I heard them but it is representative of the average quality of the signal.

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